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  • Call 200+ Countries

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  • Credit Rollover

  • 100% Prepaid – No Contracts

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Call New Zealand Landlines From Just 1.9c Per Minute

Cheapest Per Minute Rate

  • 1.9 cents per minute including 49 cent connection fee to New Zealand landlines

  • Flat fee regardless of what time you call

  • Fully rechargeable

  • No hidden fees

  • 100% prepaid

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Most Popular Phone Card

  • Only 2.6 cents per minute no connection fee to New Zealand Landlines

  • Flat fee regardless of what time you call

  • Fully rechargeable

  • No hidden fees

  • 100% prepaid

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How Does It Work?

Why Kiwis Are Switching To NZ Phone Cards

Like any industry, people looking to buy phone cards for the first time may not be aware of what to look for or what to avoid when selecting a phone card provider. Here are 4 ways that make NZ Phone Cards different.

Be sure to check the FAQs on our site as well as others to see whether or not you’re getting the right solution for what you need.

  • You don’t lose your credit EVEN if your card expires

    It’s normal business practice for phone card companies to remove any remaining credit after your card expires – we don’t.
    Even if your phone card expires, simply top up with the minimum amount of $10, and your previous credit will be automatically added to your recharge.
  • No reactivation fee if your card expires

    If your phone card expires, some companies will charge a “reactivation fee”.

    If your phone card expires with us, simply recharge it with the minimum top-up amount, and you’re up and running again!

  • No daily service fee charges

    It’s common for calling card companies to charge their customers a service fee which means credit is deducted from your card daily, weekly or monthly.

    We do not charge service fees or have any hidden fees for that matter.

  • No off-peak or on-peak call rates

    Some companies have variable rates depending on the time of the day or night you call.

    Our rates are flat, make phone calls whenever you want without being penalised for calling during peak hours.


  • Phone Card Delivered via Email

    Once we’ve processed your order, we send you an email with your PIN, special Access Codes, and step-by-step instructions on using your calling card.

  • Customer Service Team

    Our team is available 7 days per week as well as on public holidays.

  • 100% prepaid

    All our phone cards are prepaid, so simply top up your card with talk time as needed.

Phone cards can be purchased from our online store by PayPal, debit or credit card. Using your credit card on our site is safe and convenient, and we guarantee that your credit card details will not be improperly used.
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Frequently Asked Questions

No. You don’t pay for any special fees like reactivation fees or daily service charges.

180 days (6 months). If this is your first purchase, the expiration will begin once you make your first connected call.

No. If your calling card expires, simply top-up your card (min. $10) and any previous balance will be carried on to your new top-up amount.

Yes, we currently support 200+ countries.

Yes, you can use your calling card to use your mobile or landline and call overseas landlines and mobiles.

Most of the time, we send your calling card shortly after your purchase via email. If there happens to be a delay, please don’t hesitate to call our team.

You can use our calling card service in the following countries to call back home or to any of our 200+ destinations:

• Australia
• United States
• Canada
• UK
• Japan
• Singapore

Using a phone card is a 3 step process. First, you call the local access number, then key in your PIN and then dial the international (or local) number.

You can use a cell phone but check with the service provider to ensure no additional fees.

They have expiration dates of 3 months, 6 months and 12 months, but if the phone card is rechargeable, then you can use the same card for years.

Unfortunately not, our service only allows you to call personal landline numbers and mobile numbers.

Yes, you can. You can use a phone card on landline, cell phone or pay phones.

Phone cards still have benefits in today’s tech world. They use the same wiring as landlines, so they can connect calls in places with poor internet. Their rates per minute are very low, and cheaper than big phone companies. This makes them useful for older folks who like using phones. Phone cards let you call many areas for less money. So even with new tech like the internet, phone cards still have good reasons to use them.

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