How Phone Cards Work

Where would you like to call today?

Being at the forefront of long distance prepaid telecommunication industry, NZ Phone Cards is one of the most sought after online retailers for prepaid international calling cards. We offer a fantastic range of cheap long distance prepaid calling cards, which can be delivered to you instantly. Our aim is to provide an easier and low-cost option to help you make international calls.

Step 1: Dial The Local Access Number

Before you dial your overseas number you first need to dial into what is called a Local Access Number, this tells your telecommunications provider that you’re only making a local call and so you will only be charged local call rates, for most people, this is free or at least very low cost. Once you’re dialed in you are able to make super-cheap calls overseas without having to worry about being charged international rates from your telco provider.

Step 2: Enter Your PIN

For security reasons, every phone card has a unique PIN that must be entered before every call. If you don’t want to have a PIN number you can set up PINless dialing inside your account which means you won’t need to enter in your PIN – our system will skip this step.

Step 3: Dial The Overseas Number

Next, dial the Destination number:

For overseas calls, dial:
00 + country code + area code + local number + [ # ]

For STD calls, dial:
area code + local number + [ # ]

The computerised voice will then tell you how many minutes you have for that call based on the money you have in your phone card account and the rate to the destination that you are calling

4. When you’re finished calling, just hang up, or press [ # # ] to make another call.

If you have registered your landline or mobile that you are calling from for PINless dialing step 2 is not required.

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