Benefits Of Recharging Your PIN

Where would you like to call today?

Did you know that phone cards can save you up to 90% on international calls? This is one of the main reasons that even today with all of the calling apps available phone cards are still used heavily worldwide.

Here are the instructions to use NZ Phone Cards prepaid calling cards for cheap international phone calls!

Generally, if there is only a small difference in the rate it is better to buy rechargeable cards as you can:

  • By recharging the same card you get to keep the same PIN number.

  • You can fully use up the credit on your card. Most phone card providers will not allow you to do this for example if a call to Fiji costs 32 cents and you only have 31 cents on your card then you won’t be able to make the call – this is another way phone cards make money it’s called ‘breakage’.

  • You don’t lose your credit if your card expires. Most phone card companies will gobble up any remaining credit on a phone card that has expired. NZ Phone Cards will carry over any remaining balance you have on to your next recharge EVEN if your phone card has expired. Simply recharge your card and your previous credit is automatically carried over to your recharge amount.

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